Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well forget the pretentious title of the series. For me this was an exercise in understanding ways to realize a screen printing effect in Photoshop. It turned into the project you see in front of you now. They were created using lots of textures, scans of West African mat designs and my own original drawings, motif designs, and woodcuts. I wanted to create decorative work that looked like it could be a screen print on a banner or drapery, and I think I was pretty successful because most people at the bazaar thought they were. From the first design sketch to the three finished pieces let me know what you think.


John Howard said...

Greetings young Kenneth!

Wow, these look great! I bet you made a killing.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

I made a fair amount. How are you Mr. Scroggins and why are you listed as
John Howard?

John Howard said...

I'm fine. Who are your current influences? From the sketches above, it looks like theres a little Mignola in there.

>>why are you listed as
John Howard<<

Howard is my middle name... didn't we discuss this already?

Shobo C said...

Nice stuff. Did you use green and white intentionally in the bottom two?

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Yes Nigerians can never escape the green white green Shobo (haha). No it just happened that white stips were consistent in all the comps so the green and... you already know that why am I explaining. Glad you like it.

voice said...

wow! those images are great shof! if they were a type of food i would say they would be a yummy fruit with a spiky outside!!