Monday, May 19, 2008

Artist Research: Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, also known as Android Jones is an American illustrator born in Boulder, Colorado. He works with charcoal, oil, but primarily with digital media. He is noted to have completed 1000 self portraits in 3 years (roughly a portrait a day). Jones also spent a lot of time in Europe doing street portraits which would influence his later endeavors. He has worked as a concept artist for the video game company Retro Studios, Black Isle Studios and now currently co-owns Massive Black which has studios in LA and Shanghai. He co-founded the website with college buddy Jason Manley.Andrew Jones is a revolutionary artist in the digital field because of recent experimental methods with his work. He is often hired by musicians (mostly electronica) to illustrate the concert going on around him live (live digital painting or as he calls it "Shape Sifting"). He uses a laptop, Corel painter and Zbrush, a large wacom tablet and sketches away until he ends up with an image seen above (banner format) capturing the tone of the concert and live emotion. This really an exciting an artist is pushing digital media toward and it really makes one wonder what more can be done with the fledgling practice.

his site
clip of his work as an optical DJ

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