Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research: Ashley Wood

Born in 1971 in Perth, Australia Ahley Wood is an art director/illustrator/ comic book artist that has worked in the U.K, Japan and the U.S. He worked in advertising agencies as produced work for galleries.He started work in England for 2000AD comics on Judge Dredd and later broke into the U. market working for Marvel comics and DC. He also worked on Spawn and other Todd Mcfarlane properties under Image comics. He has been around, but his definitive work was for the comic book adaptation of Metal Gear Solid which was later reworked into the world's first digital interactive comic on the PSP system. He created the comic called Tankgirl and another called Popbot which has a very avid cult following. He has also done album art and a lot of his Popbot characters have been made into statuettes. He is a Spectrum and Communication Arts Award winner and is an Eisner nominee.
His work has a very erratic quality about it, which is where most of the energy in his drawings come from. His painterly expressionist style has a thick and weighty feel than lend a solid and distinct presence to his work
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