Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research: Bayo Akinsiku

Born in Leicester city, England to Nigerian parents, Bayo Akinsiku (Siku) moved to Lagos, Nigeria as a young boy and grew up there with his father, eventually ending up studying many disciplines in art at the Yaba College of Technology. He majored in Graphic Design and graduated with honors. He left for England again and sought work as a Graphic designer, but soon grew tired of that career and began looking for a job as a comic book illustrator. After harrowing trials he was hired by 2000AD comics (Britain's largest comic publisher). He began work on Judge Dredd magazine, painting a full length graphic novel called Fetish; a story with Judge Dredd in a post apocalyptic Africa. His style came to full glorious fruition here, although of course distinctive work like that took few people aback because of the hyper stylized color schemes and strangely enough Judge Dredd's chin. The 'chin' actually created a split in the fans of the Judge Dredd series; the pro-Siku Judge Dredd fans and on the other end of the spectrum fans who actually took the time to set up an anti-Siku website, despite this Fetish was well received and widely acclaimed. He has since worked as a concept artist for Nexus, Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics and was a Visual Director for Elixir studios where he worked on the critically acclaimed video game Evil Genius. His style hyper exaggerates the human form elongating planar anatomy, all brought to finish with acrylic paint or digital coloring (Photoshop and Illustrator) and sometimes 3d work using 3ds max. His most recent work is a modern day adaption of the stories of the bible called the Manga Bible which was actually praised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Shofela, how are you? Someone sent me this profile you did on me. It's so good that it's better than the one I wrote myself. How's your family?