Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research: Dave Mckean

Dave Tench Mckean was born on
December 29 1963 in Berkshire England and has become one of the world's most celebrated illustrator's. His most famous work came out of a partnership with the American writer Neil Gaiman. The pair have collaborated on a number of graphic novels like The Sandman, Mr. Punch and The Day I Swapped my Dad or Two Goldfish. He has worked for DC on Batman: Arkhum Asylum and several CD cover illustrations including work or Tori Amos, Michael Nyman, etc. Mckean made his directorial debut with Mirror Mask with screenplay written by Gaiman and has since worked on the Harry Potter movies as a concept artist.
His process includes collaging almost every single artistic process known to man including photography, puppetry, digital panting, and several other traditional media. He combines all of these processes via digital media. He is also an accomplished jazz pianist.
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