Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research: Tim Sale

American Eisner award winner Tim Sale was born on May 1t 1956 in Ithaca, New York. He spent most of his early life in Seattle Washington and attended universit there. for two years until he moved to NY again to study at the School of Visual Arts and eventually the John Buscema workshop. After school he did several odd jobs and eventually started working in comics like Myth Adventures and Thieves' world. He works a lot with writer Jeph Loeb and has produced several graphic novels with him for DC and Marvel including Batman: The Long Halloween and Daredevil yellow. He is currently working on the tv series Heroes in which his drawings and paintings are the featured as the work of the fictional Iaac Mendez, a precognitive artist.
His style has a timeless 50s style sensibility to it and uses old comic book color palettes. His recent work is colored with watercolor paints. His color palette is usually a compelling element o his work even though he is medically colorblind. Tim Sale is an avid soccer fan!!
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