Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research: Yoshitaka Amano

Japanese illustrator born on July 28, 1952 in Shizuoka city, Japan. He began his career in animation for Tatsunoko Productions. His first paid project was Speed Racer and character design for shows lie Time Bokan and Gatchaman Force: Battle of the Planets (G-force). He was influenced by pop artist Peter Max, Ukiyo-e woodcuts and art nouveau during this time in animation. He left Tatsunoko productions in 1980 and began work as a freelance illustrator. First working on Vampire Hunter D novel illustrations which was later adapted to animation in 1985 (which he wasn't happy with) and again in 2001 (which was definitely a much better attempt). He has worked as a concept artist for Square- Enix's Final Fantasy series since the first game. Amano worked on Sandman: Dream Hunters with Neil Gaiman (nominated for a Hugo award) and has worked for Marvel comics and done album art for the Japanese power metal band Galneryus. He has also done theater and costume design
His art style relies on water color and delicate brushwork and is sci-fi and fantasy inspired. His characters often have very pale skin and an unsettling look about them. He also uses muted, subtle color palettes.
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