Thursday, May 15, 2008

Artist Research:Yoji Shinkawa

Yoji Shinkawa is a Japnese illustrator born in Hiroshima, Japan on December 25, 1971. His career began in Konami at the age of 22 working on the Policenauts videogame as CG director. He is the only artist hired by the company to have received an S- grade on his portfolio. He has worked as a concept artist for the Metal Gear series for all five games. He also worked on the Zone of the Enders games doing concept art. His work is influenced by Yoshitaka Amano, Aubrey Beardsely, Jean Giraud(Moebius) and anime art lie Gundam. His art style is as such:
'Shinkawa says he tries to keep his work fresh by using new styles all the time. He prefers drawing by hand, but when he does draw with a stylus and computer, Painter is his program of choice for line work. Photoshop is also used, but only for painting. Most of his designs start on paper with a Pentel Brush Pen, and the lines are later scanned into a graphic program. One technique used to get a rough look in his sketches is to paint over the work repeatedly with thin black ink and correcting ink until it gets crispy. In the end, matiére from underneath shows up as if it were oil painted.' source

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