Monday, May 19, 2008

Artist Research: Ian Francis

UK artist, Ian Francis was born July 7th 1979 in Bristol England./7/79. He has a BFA (honors) in illustration form the University of West England. He describes his works as such:

'My work is about modern life, particularly television, world events, celebrities, and day-to-day living. It's about pornography and news reports from war zones instead of sex and death.'
His current work seems to me like the ultimate paradigm of what one can achieve with great skill at mixed media. He uses everything from acrylic, pen, charcoal, ink, collaged textures, photo transfers, etc. Francis said on his site that he use to combine all these skills digitally, but switched over to the traditional media (I'm sure his strong deign sense was influenced by his work digitally) in the Autumn of 2006 with stunning and fresh results.
An interview
His site

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