Saturday, May 24, 2008

Artist Research: Kent Williams

Williams is an American illustrator/painter that studied in the Pratt institute of New York. He has exhibited his paintings in a number of galleries in NY, LA, Sundance, Utah and San Fransisco. He has published his work in magazines like Playboy, Omni, Swallow and the Learning Channel magazine. He has been awarded four medals from the Society of Illustrators and has received the Yellow Kid Award. Some of his most accomplished work has been seen in graphic novels like his recent collaboration with Darren Arnofsky on the Fountain book, Havok and Wolverine for Epic comics and Blood: A Tale. His paintings use a lot of symbolism and suggestive imagery of narratives that inform the viewer of a collective binding force of humanity. His painting ventures into the realm of expressive but is quite grounded in naturalistic figurative painting. He tends to use muted colors with slightly tortured surface quality.
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