Monday, May 19, 2008

Artist Research: Linda Bergqvist

Linda Bergqvist is an award winning artist born in Sweden in 1977. She studied education and teaching at university at the Jonokoping University, but later witched her emphasis to illustration and storytelling. Her work tends to veer toward the fantasy realm thematically using mystical narratives and ethereal settings. She works mainly with a Wacom tablet and employs a perfectionist attitude towards her work using photo reference loosely. Her work has been featured in artist compilations like the CG book D'artiste and editions of Expose. She has been working on her fantasy world of Furiae for several years and intends to publish a book based on it (she also writes). She recently worked as a concept artist for The Golden Compass movie and likes to dabble in other media like making fully painted and complex paper mache masks. Lastly she also publishes several online tutorials.
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