Monday, May 19, 2008

Artist Research: Bill Sienkiewicz

Boleslav (William) Felix Robert Sienkiewicz known as Bill Sienkiewicz was born in Blakeley, Pennsylvania was born May 5th 1958. He attended the Newark School of Fine and Indutrial Arts. Sienkiewicz is best known for his work on the comic book series Elektra (Marvel) and his unorthodox style of rendering in the comics industry which involves mixed media like mimograph, collage, oil and watercolor painting. He began his career working on Moon Knight and the Hulk for Marvel in 1985 and illustrated covers for The Mighty Thor, Tranformers, etc. Sienkiewicz has alo worked on several titles for DC including Aquaman and Batman. He has also illustrated album covers for artist like Jimi Hendrix (Voodoo) and Tori Amos. His most recent work was illustrating pencils for the graphic novel 30 days of night. The most compelling aspect of Sienkiewicz's art to me is his mixed media. His skill with th combination of water color, collage and ink produces stunning visuals that usually evoke mood first in the mind then comprehension. That reason and stylization of form and anatomy is why I think his work is so well respected.
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