Saturday, May 24, 2008

Artist Research: Svetlin Velinov

Velinov is a 29 year old Bulgarian illustrator/concept artist that lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.
He graduated at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia with a concentration in animation in 2003 after a brief stint at the National Academy of Arts.He was trained with a staunch adherence to the academic styles of painting, but later abandoned it in favor of digital media which he now uses exclusively. His work has been featured in the CG Society's Gallery of Choice Awards, on, in Format Magazine, Death Jr. 2 for Konami, World of Warcraft for Blizzard entertainment, etc. Velinov has a very lively and dynamic style and is one of those cg artist pushing the media to its fullest potential. His style has also garnered attention from Dark Horse comics and a future project is in talks.
Interview with Velinov
his site

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