Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real paintings?!

Yes, as promised here are the paintings I said I was working on during the semester. They're not as fantastic as I hoped (they look to "heavy" to me), but considering I haven't painted for about 5 years I think they're not so bad.


Shobo Coker said...

Wow Shof, some really, really nice stuff here. Like the paintings a lot, especially the calabash carrying lady.

The tall vertical ones also look great, bet the painting teach wishes he/she had you. Don't think they look too heavy.

The prints also look really nice, great stuff broham.

Worker Bee said...

I love the paintings Shof, especially the panels and the lady (at the dye pits?)

Billy Welch said...

You Paint? I had no idea.

Robot Turkey Girl said...

Um, I think they are wonderful! I'm pretty sure I've already told you that. ;)

Lighthouse Pilot said... CAN'T you do, Shof?