Monday, July 6, 2009

I Got Interviewed!

... Interviewed by the good folks at the African Digital Network. You can read the interview here.
Exciting stuff. hehe


Bryan Rollins said...

NICE. you know, in the future when we're both famous and drowning in euros, we should collaborate on a project that will shake the foundation of the world.

i mean, if you're not doing anything

Shobo said...

You really should'a given a shout out to your boys in AJ City mate.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

I'll clear my future schedule Brian, and Shobo, I don't need to because they know I have their collective backs.

Ochyming said...

We share some idols, you work really made me think my approach to cg.
Keep your uniqueness.

Funlayo said...

What a great talent, just saw you featured on the timbuktu chronicles. Very proud of you

Alice Bertocci said...

Wow, Kenneth! So awesome! Congratulations ^_^ Glad to see you're still working strong.