Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Space Faring African

As promised, the sculpt of Jonah. Still to come... the fully pose able, animated leading man.


Shobo said...

Looks great, Hamulus.

Did you add the ornamentation to his sword? I can't tell from these shots.

Alla Bartoshchuk said...

I love your style. It is so unique and interesting.
Good job on the the pose. It looks very convincing.

KOR said...

What you lookin for a job out here for? I'm at the SC' film skool, finish this year, heading back to pioneer ish. You should do the same bruv!

Mohsu said...

Hey man hopethat all is good.

my name is mohau and I am writing from South africa. i own Ratsosa publishing and we are also developing comic books.
i am very impressed with what you have produced and I just want to wish you all the best.

Take care.

Ochyming said...

You are a great Inspiration!

EVCL said...

Nice work. I love the concepts. We are actually working on several sci-fi based Nigerian themes as well. Will link you in on them when we are done. All the best.