Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Edward Usher Project

Edward Usher Run cycle from Kenneth Coker on Vimeo.

I just joined up with my brother on a video game called the Edward Usher Project. Its a 2d adventure platformer that looks wonderful, plays great, and is loosely based on Edgar Allen Poe's short story, The Fall of the House of Usher. I'm working on all the animations and character designs for the project and I have to say its quite fun working on 2d animation for a change. Here is a basic run and jump cycle I recently completed. Some of the frames seem kind of choppy because the game engine can only use 2 frames for the jump and 3 frames for the fall, but I think it looks pretty lively and stylized because of that. There's also a video of the game running with a stand in character here.
Anyway, I am however still working on an animatable 3d Jonah so have no fear, he'll show up before the end of the month... I hope.


Dayo Okeniyi said...

This looks Great! Man. Is your Bro a developer back in nigeria? Where is he working out from?

DaKoda Davis said...

Hey Kenneth,
the piece looks really clean. I don't think the choppiness is too much to worry about. If anything, I think there was a slight pause on the last frame with the character's hand, but that was all I could see. I think the colors and simplicity really add to the overall styling. I really am excited to see the next edition!

By the way, it was great running in to you the other day at ARTCENTER! Our haven of supplies.
Hope you had a great summer. I also hope you add me to you main webpage.

P.S. Tell Alla, I have an art show next June at the Botanic Garden and I would like to get with her so she could possibly exhibit some work to go along with the show.