Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wood Spirits

Amazing. Two posts in one week! Setting standards that I'm pretty sure I can't maintain. Anyway since I enjoyed the process and subject matter so much, I felt compelled to do more sketches for the Eredo project. These are two common wood spirits that inhabit the forest of Eredo, referred to by Yoruba people as Oro/Iwin. Also I forgot to mention in the last blog post that I attended a lecture by animation legend Bill Plympton earlier this month at MCA, and got to meet him briefly thanks to my old animation professor. He seemed like an affable person and it was just fantastic learning about his techniques and philosophy.


Ochyming said...

Your illustrations are stunning!
Are you aware of Baptiste Jaquemet aka BABA 3000 , looks like you are kindred spirit (only he relies very much in hip hop).

Katy said...

I really like these! I actually really like all of your work, but these really draw me in, intrigue me, and seems to move as I watch them. Excellent!