Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jonah lives!

So over the last few months work on Jonah has admittedly been slow, as a combination of freelance illustration work and learning new techniques hampered speed, however I learned several new things in the process of creating a fully rigged character from scratch. A lot of toenail-biting frustration and ludicrously long technical problem solving hours finally added up to the fact that I can now animate Jonah with a decent animation friendly rig that is not the rubbish, buggy rig system I used for my animated short earlier this year. I've also almost finished rigging Funlola as well so stay tuned for a very short test animation in the near future. For now enjoy Jonah's first hero shot in full Technicolor glory.

N:B: Been forgotting to mention that Jonah won the Best Bust/Character award at the Queen of the Rocketmen Hardcore Modeling Challenge at CG Society earlier in the year. You can see the work in progress thread here also.


Dave said...

Awesome render. Now he somehow still looks vaguely like your brother, but much tougher/cooler.
One critique: with hands that big, the front of his pants wouldn't be so flat.

Ochyming said...

Nice work.
I am learning animation, but still stuck on rigging, without a tutor is hard.
Your storytelling is unique, you should push animation more, doing shorts maybe a big studio will notice.

Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Thanks guys! Dave, trust you to go and make a joke like that. *rolls eyes*

And Ochyming,yea rigging is very tough to learn on your own, but you just have to keep at it with internet tutorials and the boring looking Max help section. I hope I'll be able to produce a short with Jonah this year, we'll see.

Galgot said...

Hi, seen this on 3dTotal And CGTalk, Just love it.
Original and very inspiring. Away from usual Super-heros/monsters and stuff... All the best for 2010.
( )