Saturday, January 31, 2015


Been a while since the last post and over the past year, of course I've been working on Outcasts of Jupiter and all things Coker CoOp related, but I've also had the immense satisfaction of working on the most creatively fulfilling project of my career so far. I've been working with Aaron and Amanda Kopp on the documentary film, Liyana. It's a unique documentary animated film in which a group of bright Swazi kids narrate the tale of a brave heroine of their own creation. The co-directors, Aaron and Amanda (two of the best human beings whose presence you'll ever be graced with) interviewed these wonderful kids and worked with them in structured workshops with Gcina Mhlophe on a homestead for orphaned children in Swaziland a few years ago. 

I'm the principal artist on the animated parts of the film and we're in the throes of production right now, but I wanted to take a break to let you all know what a special project I've been involved with. Hopefully, we'll be releasing trailers soon. A release date hasn't been set yet, but of course I'll post that news as soon as I get it. If you'd like to read more about the project you should visit the link below. Thanks for reading people of ye olde internet.

Oh, and of course here is a sketch I did months ago of the main protagonist, Liyana. Just having fun, not at all indicative of the look of the film.

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Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

Outstanding project, all the best for you!

Beautiful photo!